Working together

  • ITC’s Benchmarking and AIM for Results programme has been rolled out globally through partnerships with development agencies, and the support of donor governments. It has been developed in close consultation with Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) including least developed, developing and developed countries, and other international partners.


    Finpro logo "The Benchmarking programme exceeded our expectations. The results and recommendations were very concrete and specific. I can recommend this to all TPOs no matter the maturity, success or other features of the organisation." 

    Kari Hayrinen, President

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     proesa "We positively value the methodology based on direct interaction with the Benchmarking experts. A collaboration based on confidentiality, deep respect and professionalism(…)we have already started the implementation of some of the recommendations."

    Giovanni Berti, Executive director

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     Matrade logo "The benchmarking programme highlighted specific weaknesses that we had already identified internally and helped us to better re-focus our action. Sharing information of this nature among TPOs is one of the most effective means for us to improve in our own Organization."   

    Susila Devi, Senior director

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    Results so far


    By the end of 2014, twelve TSIs were implementing AIM for Results, in countries including Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Mauritius (where two separate TSIs are participating), Morocco, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    In addition, five Caribbean countries - Barbados, Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago - had been benchmarked, in preparation for a Caribbean-focused AIM initiative

    While they are all at different stages of implementation, a consistent priority has been to create greater awareness about the importance of using results and impact measurement to understand, improve and manage their respective performance.

    Over a five-year period, AIM for Results will assist some 50 TSIs to better serve the needs of their clients.

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