• You can carry out an internal review of your organizational performance online through our self-assessment option. This allows you to apply ITC’s Benchmarking tool to your own institution. There is no charge for using the self-assessment tool and you may conduct as many reviews you wish. More information is provided following registration.

    ITC's Benchmarking ‘light’

    The self-assessment comprises the same areas as the assisted assessment: Leadership and Direction, Resources and Processes, Products and Services, and Results and Measurement. It also uses the same structure as the assisted assessment – areas, themes, measures and indicators. For more information, view ITC's Benchmarking methodology.

    However, the self-assessment uses an abridged set of 87 Indicators of performance, rather than 225. It is a light version of the full assisted assessment.

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    Example of benchmarking result for Resources and Processes


    Your report

    Once you have completed your assessment, the results are processed and a report is generated showing the comparison of your (self-assessed) performance against good practice. The report provides a useful snapshot of your organization’s performance against the maximum, minimum and average scores of all benchmarked organizations.

    The report is limited to the benchmark scores only, and will not analyse results to provide a summary of strengths and weaknesses, suggest areas for improvement or recommend actions.

    Your benchmarking workspace

    To participate in ITC’s online self-assessment you need to register your organization. Upon registration, a workspace is set up for your organization under ITC’s Benchmarking website. Here you can compare your scores against other organizations by the Area, Theme and Measure. Multiple assessments can be done by your organization at any one time and each user will receive their own unique report.


    All information obtained through the assessment is confidential. The report and all associated data are made available to the concerned organization only. ITC continually updates on the overall organizational benchmarks and shares them with the TSI community through this website under the Latest Benchmarking Results. To do this, ITC uses collected benchmarking scores and shows them at the aggregated level only. Individual organizations are not identified.


    Eligible organizations are those actively involved in trade development and promotion activities, with a particular focus on exports.

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