• ITC’s Benchmarking has been devised as a management tool for TSIs to assess their performance, efficiency and effectiveness against globally recognized good practice.

  • 10 reasons why you should benchmark yourself

    ITC's Benchmarking can strengthen your organization by enabling you to:

    1. Identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
    2. Analyse consistency and verify alignment of your organization’s strategic objectives, structure and activities
    3. Gain access to up-to-date benchmarking scores and graphs
    4. Compare performance against that of other TSIs
    5. Analyse the reasons behind variations in performance
    6. Identify areas where your organization is performing well
    7. Prioritize areas for improvement and set performance improvement targets
    8. Establish new institutional standards to raise performance
    9. Strengthen your credibility and demonstrate your effectiveness to your clients and stakeholders
    10. Join a global benchmarking network to exchange good practice, experience and expertise

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