• Assess:

    Analyse the trade-support infrastructure in a country or region and identify TISI effectiveness and efficiency  

    ITC’s support begins with a benchmarking. This involves a thorough assessment of TISIs’ processes and performance through an independent and objective assessment of their efficiency and their performance in relation to the good business practices of similar organizations. It is intended as an improvement tool for TISI decision-makers such as managers and senior staff responsible for strategic planning and operational management.

    The methodology uses a comprehensive set of benchmark measures, developed specifically for organizations that provide trade development and promotion support across 225 key indicators. The benchmarking helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in comparison with other similar organizations under four main areas of performance:

    • Leadership and Direction
    • Resources and Processes
    • Products and Service Delivery
    • Measurement and Results



    Furthermore, whenever required, ITC also conducts institutional mapping of the overall trade support institution network in a country with an intention to identify gaps and overlaps for better service delivery efficiency.