• Measure:

    Determine what to measure and how to measure performance  

    The design and implementation of a right-sized result measurement system is a key part of ITC’s assistance.

    By the end of the engagement under AIM, participating TISIs will have a system in place that will allow them to measure results and learn from the evaluation of its own performance. The performance measurement system also enables the TISIs to better demonstrate the results or value that it adds to its stakeholders.


    Using a mix of capacity building and advisory services, ITC helps TISIs to:

    • Formulate an impact assessment framework  
    • Select relevant and efficient data collection methods  
    • Customize the impact assessment system to TISIs’ service portfolios
    • Translate the results of the services into reports for governments and stakeholders.


    The AIM approach ends with another benchmarking of the institution to evaluate the improvement made by the institution during the course of ITC’s assistance.