Improve your performance

  • Increasing TISIs' Impact

    The Trade and Investment Support Institutions (TISI) Strengthening Programme of ITC is designed to improve the managerial and operational performance of local TISIs such as Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations (TIPOs), Chambers of Commerce and other sector-specific and functional associations.

    Stronger, better performing TISIs are able to better support their small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients to be more competitive and internationalise. More competitive SMEs that have access to international markets and are able to attract investors can grow faster, create more jobs with higher levels of productivity and incomes which are essential instruments in the reduction of poverty and inequality.  

    ITC provides TISIs with advice, training and information, in order to build their capacity to increase export value of their clients.

    This is done either through modular basis or under a full-fledged performance-improvement approach focusing on measurable results and by following a comprehensive approach called AIM for Results : Assess, Improve and Measure TISI performance.

    Using the AIM for Results approach ITC concentrates on developing long-term partnering relationships with committed and capable TISIs to embed sustainable improvement. This well- tested methodology takes client TISIs from one level of maturity to a significantly higher level through long-term (1-3 years) intensive support.

    It is a holistic and targeted approach that strengthens the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of TISIs.

    Aim for Results comprises the following three stages:

    • Assess: analyse the trade-support infrastructure in a country or region and identify TISI effectiveness and efficiency
    • Improve:understand and address needs through capacity building and business-advisory solutions
    • Measure: determine what to measure and how to measure performance

    The establishment of results-measurement systems as well as better managerial and operational practices will allow TISIs to upgrade the quality and effectiveness of the services that they provide to their SME clients, with a direct effect on their trade performance.

    At the end of ITC assistance, the TISIs are in a better position to:

    • Develop the internationalization capabilities of SMEs
    • Facilitate the internationalization of SMEs through export & investment promotion and creation of business linkages
    • Advocate for the needs and the requirements of SMEs to the policy makers

    TC has a demonstrated track record of success in the area of institutional development. In the last three years alone, over 50 TISIs have benefitted from the assistance and technical advisory offered from the TISI Strengthening Programme, through an improvement partnership that delivers impact to local businesses. TC has a unique selling proposition including:

    • Exclusive focus on TISI performance improvement and on providing integrated solutions supporting SMEs access to international markets.
    • Global perspective and unique network. Through the WTPO Conference and Awards, the ITC Advisory Board of selected CEOs of TISIs, and regular relations with TISI regional networks, ITC has developed a network of connections and collaboration with TISIs around the world.
    • A “neutral” image that allows partners to collaborate and share information.
    • Specific customised methodologies that have been extensively tested, proven, standardised and comparable across different categories of TISIs (official trade promotion organisations, private sector chambers of commerce or sector and other business associations, etc.) as well as across different levels of institutional maturity.
    • Proven capability to adapt and apply its methodologies and assistance at different levels of economic development, from least developed to developed countries.
    • Large range of integrated services and modules to improve performance across a number of domains