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  • Trade Support Institutions' ability to achieve their main objective of supporting export development and promotion depends as much on their own managerial and operational capacity as on the relevance and efficiency of their trade support services.

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    What is ITC’s Benchmarking for?

    ITC has long been documenting institutional practices and identifying common themes, challenges and issues that are relevant to TPOs and TSIs. ITC's Benchmarking is based on our experience and knowledge of the TPO environment and relates to institutions both from developed and developing countries. Drawing on this experience, ITC's Benchmarking serves as:

    • A practical tool to quantify, measure and assess the efficiency, effectiveness, cost and risk of institutional practices and processes
    • A research tool leading to a better understanding of processes, sharing of good practices and setting of targets for institutional improvement

    ITC’s institutional benchmarking is available as either self-assessment or an assisted assessment.

    ITC's Benchmarking programme comprises the following:

    • An assessment using ITC's Benchmarking methodology and tools
    • A report showing your organization’s scores against good practice
    • Access a good practice library with articles and case studies
    • For assisted assessments, an analysis detailing:
      • the well performing and under-performing areas of your organization
      • recommendations for performance improvement
      • the opportunity to compare your organization’s performance against other organizations

    Benchmarking results

    The website provides a snapshot of the latest results from the benchmarks ITC has completed to date. The scores presented on this public part of the benchmarking website are aggregate – individual TPOs are not identified. Once a TPO has registered and has performed an assessment, it can compare its results to all other evaluations during that period and drill down into a specific topic, as shown below.   

     Benchmarking results


    The ITC benchmarking system ensures confidentiality to institutions participating in the programme. TPOs that have undertaken ITC’s Benchmarking may access their own scores through their dedicated access.

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