Assisted assessment

  • Benchmarking with ITC experts

    An assisted assessment is an independent benchmarking review conducted by ITC experts who visit your organization on site. This benchmarking assessment is not something done to you, but is done with you. The TSI/TPO is an active participant at all stages. 

    The assessment

    Our visit lasts about one week and during that time we cover all four benchmarking areas and the 225 performance indicators through a series of targeted interviews, plus observation and a document review. Prior to visiting your organization we work with you to arrange group and individual interviews for collecting information and we also conduct an in-depth review of relevant documentation.

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  • Report

    Your benchmarking report

    Once the assessment process is completed, the results are analyzed and the report is finalized in close consultation with you. The report provides:

    • Your organization’s overall score
    • The summary score across for each of the benchmarked Areas
    • A snapshot of your organization’s performance against the overall maximum, minimum and average scores
    • Your organization’s scores against the 225 indicators, along with an indication of good practice for each. See more under scoring system

    The report provides information to enable you to prioritize your organization’s performance improvement activities and set targets by:

    • Identifying your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Suggesting areas for improvement
    • Recommending actions for those areas

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    Applying to ITC for benchmarking services

    To participate in ITC’s Benchmarking you need to register your organization. If you would like to apply, please click here.

    Your benchmarking workspace

    Upon registration, a workspace is set up for you. Here your organization compares against other benchmarked TSI's and against average scores. You can see scores at Area, Theme, Measure and Indicator levels.


    All information obtained through the assessment is confidential. The report and all associated data are made available to the concerned organization only. ITC continually updates the overall organizational benchmarks and shares them with the TSI community through this website under Latest Benchmarking Results. ITC shows scores at the aggregated level only. Individual organizations are not identified.


    Eligible organizations are those actively involved in trade development and promotion activities, with a particular focus on exports.

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