ITC Advisory Board on TISI Strengthening


The ITC Advisory Board on Trade and Investment Support Institutions (TISI) Strengthening is an independent body established by the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (ITC).

The Board is a voluntary association of Chief Executive Officers of Trade and Investment Promotion Organisations. They provide strategic guidance and advice to the ITC in matters related to TISI strengthening. The objective of the Advisory Board is to support ITC in improving the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of the TISI strengthening programme and all related activities.

Advisory Board Members

The Board consists of CEOs of TISIs appointed by the Executive Director of ITC on the basis of their individual experience and contribution to the institutional strengthening work of ITC and with due consideration to diversity. The appointment of the members shall be for a period of two (2) years. To ensure continuity and knowledge members may be reappointed at the Executive Director’s discretion.


The Board will provide strategic guidance and support to the ITC TISI Strengthening programme and related activities; and advocate for the role of TISIs to foster trade and investment links.

As such, each Board member is expected to contribute his/her professional experience in leading a TIPO to enrich and guide the work of the TISI Strengthening programme.

Members are expected to contribute to promote the TPO Network World Conference and Awards (WTPO), to contribute to the development of the agenda and format of the event, and the activities that will take place in the biennium between conferences.


The Board will meet physically maximum twice a year at the ITC headquarters in Geneva, or in an alternate location decided upon by the members. Each Board member is expected to attend these meetings in person. Additional meetings may be scheduled for the full advisory board or smaller groups using video, telephone or electronic conferencing when rapid decisions or when circumstances justify it. Meeting dates will be scheduled with at least six (6) months advance notice.

Status and Remuneration

Participation in the Board is voluntary and ad honorem and no remuneration or compensation will be provided by ITC. Board members are expected to cover all costs related to their participation.

Operation of the Board

The Executive Director of ITC will chair the Board. There will be a co-chair selected by the Board from among its members. This co-chair will be selected for a one (1) year period. The ITC Chief, Trade Support Institutions Strengthening, will act as Secretary of the Board.

The agenda for each meeting will be circulated to the Board members at least four (4) weeks prior the meeting by the Secretary. Should members want to include specific items in the agenda, they can request such inclusion in writing at least one (1) week prior to the meeting. The records of the meetings will be prepared and circulated electronically by the Secretary shortly after each meeting.

The members may propose amendments to its terms of reference for consideration by the Board.

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