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  • MethodologyService Portfolio

    ITC offers a facility to assist institutions to design and implement services which meet the needs of enterprises, other TSIs and trade policymakers. This service provides staff in trade support institutions (TSIs) with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to develop services which address institutional performance objectives and the needs of the international business community.

    The service builds institutional capacities to:

    • Design, develop and deliver services to achieve performance objectives

    • Position and market services in partnership with the national trade support network

    • Plan and allocate human and financial resources to implement the services

    • Monitor client satisfaction and results

    Tools/processes used:

    • Service maps: Segment government and enterprise clients on based on sector, export target markets, and stage of internationalization. Compare the TSI Service offer with that of the network to identify shortfalls and overlaps

    • Terms of References (TOR): Develop TORs for the services indicating the scope of work, work plan & timing and the evaluation criteria, including the budget and expertise required